Friday, 8 March 2013

Moving boxes - by Victoria Toms

At the end of the month we will be moving our lives to a new house and a new start… a new adventure of sorts.

I don’t really mind the moving part so much because for the first month or so it really feels as if I am on holiday, new surroundings, new sights and smells all so very exciting.  But thereafter, reality kicks in and it feels like you have lived there forever, but what I don’t like is the packing and then the unpacking of all the boxes.
It is the thought of actually packing my possessions into boxes, sealing them with tape and then have them hang around until the move takes place that really irks me.  You pack things and then forget and start swearing when you can’t find the mug that your friend uses when they visit and then it results in reopening of the already sealed boxes that drives me nuts!
But the part that puts a tiny smile on my face is that on the other side of this torture, you get to unpack your things  and place them in their shiny new homes.  The new place we are moving to has little shelves I have already envisioned by photo frames standing on, and I have already picked the spot for my printers tray, and have made plans to buy a new carpet for the lounge, so it is not so bad and this has a silver lining after all.

Another big thing is that this new place has 2 bedrooms, which in due time will be filled with a tiny body and the pitter patter of little feet will echo through the corridor… But I suppose I should hold my horses and tap on the brakes slightly with that idea because I have a ton of unpacking to still do!

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