Sunday, 24 February 2013


YEUK (vb./n.)

Yeuk is not a made-up word.

It is neither a reference to the odd person who gingerly fingers those long green English cucumbers in the produce section of the supermarket, nor is it the act of surreptitiously placing a distasteful, tough, half-masticated morsel of meat beneath a mound of limp spinach or flaccid broccoli that one wishes to leave on one's plate.

On the contrary, yeuk is a 15th century Middle English word used by the Scots meaning "to itch". When not used as a verb, it is may be used to identify a particular sensation, i.e. the irritation of nerve endings in skin or mucous membrane that provokes the desire to scratch oneself silly if alone or look for a speedy exit if one is in mixed company. It's also a popular name for the parasitic disorder "scabies".

For those with a yen for yakking about yeuks, perhaps it's best to consult an authority on itching and scratching.

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