Friday, 22 February 2013

Happy Friday everybody....

This week has just flown by and my 'to-do' list just did not seem to decrease this week.  Today, looking at the calendar I see  there are only 95 days left until we board our Emirates flight to Dubai en-route to Thailand.  However,  there is loads of work for me to do during this countdown, contracts going well and now my studying is taking up any spare second I have.  Housework seems to have to take a back seat right now, as time really does fly when I keep myself busy.  The upside is that I am really enjoying getting back into my studies.  It has been a while but as I find it exciting and very interesting it has really not been that bad.  

So on this really gorgeous day in Cape Town, I wish you a very happy Friday and I leave you with these words from Nelson Mandela:

“It Always Seems Impossible Until it’s All Done.” – Nelson Mandela

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