Monday, 25 February 2013


So it is Monday.  I can almost hear all the moans and groans.  Many people I know hate Monday's, as getting up and going to work is a chore.  This shouldn't be, if it is then you have chosen the wrong profession or you are unhappy at work, or the situation you are in wants to keep you in bed.  

Let's change all that this morning.  Let's rise and shine and thank our majestic maker for this gorgeous day and for our bodies that can still get up and go.  I will leave you with 2 Monday morning tips, look out for these every Monday as I said, we need to change the way we feel about a Monday.....

Tip no 1:

Studies show that when you have a good start to your work day, you’ll typically have a good day. Here’s our easiest and best tip for kicking your work day off with happiness: The Level 5 Good Morning.
We call it that because there are several approaches to saying good morning at work:
Level 0: You ignore people completely
Level 1: A somewhat unintelligible grunt
Level 2: Saying good morning without looking at people
Level 3: Make eye contact as you say good morning
Level 4: Also say something more than just good morning, e.g. “How are you?” or something more personal.
Level 5: Also touch the other person – e.g. a handshake or a pat on the shoulder. You can even hug, but only if you want to :-)
At what level are the typical good mornings in your workplace? And what would happen if you took it to level 5?
Please do not underestimate the effect of something as simple as saying good morning at work.
Tip no 2:
EmailI don’t know about you but I get a LOT of email! Even after the spam filter has done its thing I’m still more or less deluged and of course every single mail must be answered, which means I also send a lot of mails (btw: If you’ve sent me email and I haven’t answered – have patience, I will :o)
Every email says something about the person who’s sent it. It serves in some way to tell people who you are. So your mission this Monday is to make yourself an email signature that somehow expresses who you are and what you do and which will make whoever receives your email a little happier.

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