Saturday, 22 December 2012

Do dreams come true?

Has anybody ever sat down and put their dreams to paper?  I must admit, I have thought about it on occasion, but have never actually done it.  When you go to motivational talks, the first thing they tell you is to put your goals on paper and put it on your fridge,or mirror etc so you can see it every day.... visualizing your goals are supposed to imprint it in your mind so you can work harder to achieve them.... has it worked for me.... nope! Not yet anyway, but then again one needs to actually put them out there for it to work...

So should I do it? should they go on paper onto my fridge, because I stopped looking in my mirror ages ago.... and I do look at my fridge quite often during the day, but that is whole different story, I digress....... I'm going to start with one small one.... and if it works, then I will put the rest of them up there..... so here goes... first dream going up!!!!!!!!!!!! Will keep you all posted if it works!!!!!!!!!!


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