Saturday, 22 December 2012

Adding to the 'end of the world thoughts'...

So guys guess what, to all those people who thought 2012 meant the end of the world you were wrong... not just because it didn't end but because you miss the quote completely... 'The world as we know it' coming to an end does not in the slightest mean destruction. In fact optimistically it is a good thing as the world we know is plagued by war, famine and crime. With that in mind I would like to draw your attention to this :
While the Nostradamus 2012 prediction is largely debated, there are also predictions made by him that hold true for after the great war as predicted by Nostradamus. According to these predictions about the onset of peace, the Nostradamus quatrain states:

"Mars and the scepter (Jupiter) conjoined,

... In Cancer (next to occur July-August, 2013), by him all calamitous war will eventually be ended,
A new Leader will be anointed (born),
He will bring Peace to the Earth for a very long time."

If today were to be the first step towards realising this then yes, today marks the end of the world as it was known.

                                                                 Written by Travis Weiner, my nephew in Australia

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