Saturday, 22 December 2012

3 more days to Christmas...

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So this Christmas we are doing things a bit differently.   As my girls have grown up and found themselves a life partner, it always seems to be a struggle at Christmas to decide who goes where and whose turn is it for Christmas dinner???? This year, we are having Christmas eve dinner.  All the cooking is going to be done on the 24th, and supper served at about 7 pm.  Then, Father Christmas will arrive at midnight, and when we wake up on Christmas morning our presents will all be under the tree.  Leftovers will be served for breakfast, we can all do some cleaning and then they can all go their separate ways.

So roll on Christmas eve, I have my 2'rights' *their 'right'* partners, added to my family will be my sister, Lynn and 2 of her 'rights*'.  Then we have Jani, whose family is up country and she cannot be alone for Christmas, then we have Clyde and his little 'right*', Timmy, Wade and Kelly, whose family are also out of town, suddenly this mother hen has gained the Brady bunch, and so very excited for our best Christmas ever... 

*see my blog "my 2 perfectly 'rights'

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