Friday, 18 January 2013

Let the countdown begin..

130 days to go till we leave for Thailand.  It seems such a long way away but I guess in a blink of an eye the 28th May will be upon us and we will depart on an 18 day holiday.  Thanks to my very resourceful daughter we have an awesome itinerary.  Phuket, Bangkok and then on to Dubai for a couple of days.

First stop is Phuket and Seaview Patong hotel:

For us this will be a totally new experience.  The first time we will be out of our little comfort zone and trying new and exotic foods and cultures.  We have listened to loads of friends and acquaintances tell their stories about holidaying in Thailand.  This has made us more confident that our holiday destination for our 30th Anniversary was a great choice.

So, my countdown to our holiday will begin today with interesting facts and findings about our holiday destination.

Made up of 33 islands, Phuket covers an area of 570 square kilometers (354 square miles) and has a population of about 322,000 residents. 

 Phuket Island, the largest, is linked to the mainland by a bridge. 

The country's main source of income is tourism, though agriculture also plays a key role. 

The island is divided into three districts: Talang in the north, Kathu in the west, and Muang in the south. 

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